The First Gay Novel      Nov-Dec 2014
  • JamesBoughton:JoelSinger

    A Child of the Sixties

    Big Joy, a documentary about Brougton’s life, is a fascinating and entertaining examination of the most famous and interesting poet you’ve never heard of.

  • Jess: The Enamord Mage: Translation #6, a portrait of Robert Duncan, 1965

    At the Heart of a Bay Area Revival

    While two-dimensional works comprise most of An Opening of the Field, the show also includes stone sculptures, assemblages, Duncan’s handmade books of poems, and a 37-minute film by filmmaker–poet James Broughton.

  • Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees

    Up from Mormonism

    Collectively, Pop Psychology goes down like an energy-drink of pure power-pop, both whiney and wonderful in the tradition of Weezer and The Strokes.

  • kahlo_self-1940

    Frida’s Wounded Body and Soul

    MEXICAN PAINTER Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) has had an impressive posthumous life. Actual photos and descriptions of her are as colorful as her paintings, which fit uneasily into a broadly surrealist category.

  • Hefling Wilde 2014

    How Gay Was Dorian Gray?

    While Michael Hattersley doesn’t directly address the question of The Picture of Dorian Gray’s primacy as a gay novel, he does venture that it was, “while cautious, implicitly homosexual”—at least for cognoscenti who knew what to look for.

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My Ferguson Moment

“IS IT TIME to do a James Baldwin?” is an inside joke of mine, and a cerebral one at that. It’s one I like to break out every so often among my friends when a racial episode occurs. Usually, it’s only my black gay friends who get it. It didn’t matter that James Baldwin was [...]

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The Audacity of Hall (Radclyffe, that is)

WHAT WAS “THE FIRST GAY NOVEL”? This is the theme of the latest issue of the GLR—which many of you are, I trust, happily reading. But before it came out, readers were asked which of eight novels they would select as “the first.” As reported two weeks ago in this space, E. M. Forster’s Maurice won [...]

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Putting the X in Ex-Gay

We can’t report on every run-of-the-mill sex scandal involving a fundamentalist preacher or anti-gay politician, but every so often one comes along that seems to harbor a deeper meaning. Take the case of Steven Barnes, a former teacher at the Bethel Baptist School in Wills, Mississippi, who stands accused of raping a student once a [...]

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What Was the First Gay Novel? A Readers’ Survey

THE RESULTS ARE IN!  We asked you to cast your vote for “the first gay novel” – which is the theme of the new issue of The GLR. We offered the eight choices that are discussed in this issue, and also invited you to add a different book if your preference was not included.     [...]

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Pride (the movie) Marries the Personal and the Political

EARLY ON IN PRIDE, after the leader of a ragtag group of London gay activists has proposed that they raise money for the striking coal miners—the year is 1984—one member protests: “Yeah, like they’ve done so much for us.” In the end, persuaded by their charismatic leader Mark, they decide to go ahead with the [...]

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Keep the Well in Greenwell

There was once a country singer named Josey Greenwell who had a following and was openly gay (as reported by But then he sort of dropped out of sight for a while—it happens—and after six or eight months his fans noticed that even his Facebook page and Wikipedia presence had evaporated. Meanwhile, there’s a [...]

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