• Evolutionary Origins of Homosexuality

    Here we discuss a body of scientific evidence that directly contradicts the assertion that homosexuality is “against the order of nature,” and instead argues that homosexuality has emerged through evolution as a normal variant that confers survival benefits to the family, particularly in certain settings.

  • Eyewitness to the Alger Hiss Case

    Alger Hiss was my stepfather. At age 91, I am the last living eyewitness to this dark moment in our country’s history.

  • ‘The Odyssey is all about father and son.’

    Frank Pizzoli talks with the author of The Golden House

  • Freak Out!

    Studio 54 was a playground for celebrities, a temple for disco, and a brand of spectacle not seen before in a nightly venue.

  • Billie Jean King’s Stroke of Genius

    BATTLE OF THE SEXES recounts what was in fact the battle of the decade: the women’s movement and the sexual revolution versus the inevitable male chauvinist backlash ...

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Can Torch Song Succeed Without Harvey Fierstein?

  Torch Song by Harvey Fierstein Produced by 2nd Stage Theatre     IT IS THE SEASON of gay revivals on Broadway and Off, and the latest is Harvey Fierstein’s Torch Song, formerly known as Torch Song Trilogy. The original four-hour production of 1982 has been trimmed into a two-act version under three hours, including […]

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Three Photos in No Need of a Punchline

They pretty much speak for themselves. They come from around the world, and all three involve matters of questionable taste as locally defined.   1. For anyone who missed this sign in front of the Bella Vista Baptist Church in Edgewater, Florida, which went TV viral in early November, here it is. For the rest […]

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For Hidden Gay Art, Visit the Met!

David Hockney is an artist of our own time. Being openly gay and making openly homoerotic work was important to him from early in his career—even when gay relations were still illegal in the UK—and this retrospective is replete with gay themes.

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How Jim Nabors Led the Way Out

    JIM NABORS (1930–2017), best known for his TV role as Gomer Pyle, was one of my first heroes in life, even before I understood why. Gay men of my generation—most of us in our 50s—often talk about when it was we first knew about our sexual identity. For many of us, it was […]

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Modern Family and the Tyranny of Straight Coupledom

    THE POPULAR TV SERIES Modern Family, which debuted on ABC in 2009, is a comedy presented in mockumentary style in which the characters often talk directly into the camera to interject their perspectives. It details the lives of three families, one of which is a gay couple, Mitchell and Cameron, who have an adopted daughter, Lilly. Modern Family is […]

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The Ancient, Amazing Diver of Paestum

    I AM AFRAID of deep water and I am afraid of dying. I am not alone in these fears. And, yet, an ancient frescoed image discovered at Paestum, of a slim youth diving into the waters of the afterworld, exhilarates me and lessens those worries. Art has such power. When I first saw […]

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