• Beatniks

    The Beatniks Smoldered in 1960

    A CHEAPLY MADE black-and-white film, The Beatniks (1960) was voice actor Paul Frees’ only directing venture. It succeeded with neither critics nor the public, and it boasts a pitiful 2.1 rating on IMDB. However, I would contend that this B-minus movie is significant for its homosexual subtext.

  • Anohni in concert. Getty Images—Frazer Harrison photo.

    Metamorphosis of an Indie Rock Star

    Anohni in concert. Getty Images—Frazer Harrison photo.

  • The Lonely City

    All the Lonely Artists

    Loneliness morphs as we go through life—the loneliness of a child is different from that of a person in midlife or old age. It even varies throughout a given day and evening. The Lonely City is more particular—about a flâneur’s loneliness (the narrator’s) and the alienation that produces art (her subjects’).

  • PRINCE July 18 - FINAL

    Prince’s Legacy: ‘Set your mind free’

    Throughout his career, Prince would continue to experiment with gender and sexual boundaries, but the most politically radical part of his 35-year career was already behind him.

  • GLB Vote for Democrats (blue) and Republicans (red)

    Can the GLB Vote Swing an Election?

    The fluctuation in the number of GLB voters from year to year may be slight, but a bit of a pattern emerges. For the past several election cycles ... the GLB slice of the electorate has dipped by one point in off-year elections. What this suggests is that ... gay voters are less motivated to vote in non-presidential years. It’s a pattern that has been observed in other minorities, ... and it partly explains why Democrats tend to do better in presidential years than in off years.

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Three Photo Ops from the 2016 Rio Olympics

  The first is from a New York Times piece titled, “Q: Why Do Gay Men Love the Olympics? A: Isn’t It Obvious?” And if it wasn’t obvious before, one needed only to look at the impressive spread of photos accompanying the piece, showing mostly male athletes in Speedos or performing gymnastics. The piece even got […]

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A Personal Message to Fellow HIV Survivors

  This piece was inspired by an article in the new issue of The G&LR: “HIV Survivors and the ’16 Election,” by Brian Bromberger.   I TELL MY STORY and I do not in any way mean to diminish the pain and hardship suffered by HIV survivors. It’s not a pretty picture for many of […]

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Lesbian Love in the ’70s in a New French Film

IN SUMMERTIME (La belle saison), screenwriter–director Catherine Corsini takes us to the halcyon days of early 1970s French feminism, when a small action cell of women meets to plot high-spirited “zaps” and to leaflet public streets and monuments. Into their midst she places an innocent young woman from the provinces. Solid but open-faced, Delphine (Izïa […]

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Take It, P! 

  Okay, it didn’t last long, but there for a few brief shining moments—before Facebook madness forced the campaign to pull it—the newly minted Trump-Pence logo offered a penetrating take on the letters T and P. Descriptions of what the two letters were up to ranged from the vulgar to the polite, but there was […]

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Island of Lost and Found Men

    There aren’t many medicines available in our emotional cabinet that cure heartache. There’s the age-old remedy of time. That works, but oh so slowly and it never really seems that it’s working until it does. Another palliative is actual movement—whether it’s on a bike or a plane heading somewhere. For my recent and […]

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Sarah Schulman on Her Latest Provocations

    I first encountered Sarah Schulman in January 1997, when she was a speaker at “Literature in the Age of AIDS” in Key West. That was a world ago. We met again a couple of years later at UNC-Asheville, where she was beginning to articulate her ideas about “familial homophobia,” the central idea in […]

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