• Angelina Weld Grimké

    A Renaissance Reborn

    STUDIES of the Harlem Renaissance typically focus on black male figures ... Not only are women typically underrepresented; indeed, the movement is often portrayed as being essentially a black male phenomenon. Thus, this study of three lesser-known female poets, including Angelina Weld Grimké (1880-1958) is a welcome departure.

  • packed-in-a-trunk-2

    The Light of Day

    PROVINCETOWN PAINTER Edith Lake Wilkinson (1868-1957) had been lost to history since 1924, the year in which she was admitted to Sheppard Pratt, a private psychiatric hospital ... Fortunately, all of her artworks and sketchbooks had been safely packed away in a trunk in the attic of relatives. ...

  • LAING July 18 - FINAL

    All the Lonely Artists

    Laing’s book (The Lonely City) is a version of Vasari’s Lives of the Artists, only in this case they are all massively alienated. Warhol, we learn, was not only skittish about being touched by other people, ... but gave up trying to acquire friends when he moved to New York ...

  • sandoweugene-2

    The Lure of the Muscular Male

    THE MUSCULAR MALE PHYSIQUE can arrest observers’ gaze involuntarily. Research by social psychologists indicates that muscular male bodies capture and hold the attention of spectators both male and female.

  • GLBT Elected Officials

    Can the GLB Vote Swing an Election?

    ANOTHER MEASURE of the political influence of GLBT voters is the number of elected officials in the U.S. who are openly gay or lesbian, and this number has been climbing steadily for the past three decades.

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The Double Life of a Korean War Enlistee

    I ENLISTED in the U.S. Air Force a year after North Korea invaded South Korea in 1950. I wanted to be a pilot, something that seemed glamorous to my nineteen-year-old eyes—which, unfortunately, I failed to have examined before signing on Uncles Sam’s dotted line. The military doctors discovered that I had 20/40 vision […]

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Follow-up on the Zombie News  

  The current BTW reported on an anti-gay group calling itself the “Gay Zombies Cannabis Consumer’s [sic] Association” infiltrating Toronto’s annual Pride parade wearing ridiculous outfits that they thought would bring discredit to the GLBT community; and we laughed at their naïve stunt. What we didn’t know was that the Zombies were handing out pamphlets filled […]

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Editor, Richard Schneider on Healing Stigma

In this episode of Healing Stigma on Left of Str8 Radio, Richard Schneider, founder and editor-in-chief of The Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide, joins Kevin Hogan and Scott Fullerton for a lively, informative discussion about stigma and the role social media plays in stigmatization. They also discuss the importance of providing LGBT writers with a respected avenue […]

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Oral History Project Documents Lives of LGBTQ Immigrants Living in NYC

On September 27, Immigration Equality and the Brooklyn Community Pride Center launched the LGBTQ New Americans Project, featuring audio and video oral histories of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer immigrants living in Brooklyn and throughout New York City. Through extended conversation, the project records the unique experiences of LGBTQ immigrants in their own words. […]

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Check In! 

  The anti-gay American Family Association (AFA) is putting Hilton Worldwide on alert concerning an ad that the hotel chain ran in Travel + Leisure magazine showing two guys waking up together in bed. “Stop Clicking Around,” the ad admonished, whatever that means. The AFA complained that T+A is “a mainstream publication that can be […]

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Three Photo Ops from the 2016 Rio Olympics

  The first is from a New York Times piece titled, “Q: Why Do Gay Men Love the Olympics? A: Isn’t It Obvious?” And if it wasn’t obvious before, one needed only to look at the impressive spread of photos accompanying the piece, showing mostly male athletes in Speedos or performing gymnastics. The piece even got […]

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