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    Warhol’s Interview: A Brief History

    For its first year, inter/VIEW was an underground film magazine, serving to promote Warhol’s own movies, such as Flesh and Trash. It provided Warhol easy entrée to the film crowd. Who could turn down an invitation to do an interview for inter/VIEW?

  • The Warren Cup. The British Museum, 1999

    Photos at an Exhibition

    IN A CORRIDOR within the British Museum is Cupboard 55, an antique wooden cabinet numbered with a bronze plaque, containing more than 1,100 objects ... including the Warren Cup, a 1st-century masterpiece of Roman art from the Julio-Claudian dynasty that depicted unambiguous homoeroticism.

  • Self-portrait-266x300

    Martin Wong on the Lower East Side

    Aligning himself with black and Latino graffiti artists and poets on the Lower East Side, ... [Martin] Wong nevertheless described himself as a “tourist” there. If indeed he felt like an outsider—and Wong, Asian and gay, could certainly look like one, flamboyantly dressed, as he often was, from head to toe, like an urban cowboy—as an artist he penetrated deeply into the social terrain that he was observing.

  • Romaine Brooks: Ida Rubinstein, 1917. Smithsonian American Art Museum

    ‘I’d always felt Romaine had a secret.’

    An interview with Cassandra Langer, the author of the biography, Romaine Brooks: A Life. Her painting - at right - of Ida Rubinstein, 1917.

  • Sapphos-Layout_VIII1-cover

    Sappho Transfigured

    IT SEEMS everyone’s boarding the Sappho boat these days, eager to travel with the ancient poet and tell the world who she was. One person well qualified to be Sappho’s herald and interpreter is singer, songwriter, and musician Jeri Hilderley, who pays homage to the poet with a stirring new CD, Time Traveling with Sappho.

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Much More Than a “Penis Tour” of Ancient Greece

ABOUT HALFWAY THROUGH Andrew Lear’s wonderful, recently completed tour of “Gay Greece,” the guys on the trip started calling it the “Penis Tour” due to the large number of nude male statues that had passed before our eyes. As luck would have it, an article by Prof. Lear had just been published in which Andrew […]

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Was the Orlando Massacre a Hate Crime or an Act of Terror?

THE JUNE 12TH MASSACRE at the LGBT club Pulse in Orlando illustrates the commonalities between hate crimes and terrorism. Hate crimes tend to be more targeted against a particular demographic group, in this case, the LGBT community. Terrorism is usually indiscriminate. The only quality victims share is being in the wrong place at the wrong […]

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They’re Back! 

  Over the years we’ve covered our share of anti-gay clergymen and politicians who were caught engaging in just the kind of activities that they habitually railed against in speeches and sermons. But such stories have fallen off in recent years. It was almost as if these guys were finally getting the message that if […]

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Prince of Paradox

  PERUSING the Billboard Hot Soul Singles chart from the back issues of 1978, one has to be struck by the diversity that chart offers in contrast to today. The legacy of hip-hop, which was just being invented around that time, eventually eviscerated every other style of soul music such that Chris Brown, replete with […]

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Paris is a Great Gay City

  Paris is of course one of the world’s greatest cities– above all, one of its great cultural cities with literature, art, architecture, fashion, cuisine and so on and so forth– but I think Americans easily forget how great a gay city it is as well.  They don’t call it ‘Gay Paris’ for nothing! Among […]

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Straight Is the Gate

  Straight. A play by Scott Elmegreen and Drew Fornarola. Directed by Andy Sandberg. At the Acorn Theatre, NYC.   THE SITUATION that confronts the central character of Straight could not be more straightforward, as it were, bordering as it does on cliché: Ben (played by Jake Epstein) is a man whose primary attraction is […]

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