The Movies, Part II      November-December 2015
  • Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 9.14.33 PM

    “Harness My Zebras!”

    Hollywood Biblical Epics brings together strains of gay and cinematic history that make for a very entertaining tour of American culture.

  • Dracula'sDaughter13

    How Horror Thwarted ‘The Code’

    Film historians have found a number of scenes in which a lesbian subtext is evident in Dracula’s Daughter. The most obvious is a scene between Marya and her manservant Sandor.

  • Ben Hur

    The Secret Life of Action Films

    The 1950s was definitely not the best time for screenwriters to openly include gay characters or storylines in a film, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t secretly used. A perfect example of this hidden subtext is William Wyler’s Ben-Hur ...

  • Untitled (Face in Dirt) 1990.

    Keeper of the Dead

    Wojnarowicz’ work is mediated to some degree by complex layers of symbolism and metaphor that can only be interpreted and understood through the lens of the AIDS epidemic.

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Out Came Iceman

  A retronym is a word like “landline” that renames a familiar item when something new comes along. With the advent of the cellphone, we learned we’d been using landlines all along—who knew? Something similar happened in the realm of superhero comics, and the upshot is that Marvel’s Iceman is, and always has been, gay. […]

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Transgender Day of Remembrance

  In honor of Transgender Day of Remembrance today, OutRight is releasing the first in a series of eight short videos that challenge people of conscience to examine bigotry and exclusion—the twin evils we must overcome to advance human rights for everyone, everywhere. The first two to be released are part of a series of […]

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Oscar Wilde Tours Makes History!

  Oscar Wilde Tours has just completed its first full tour in Italy, a ten-day trip that explored an axis of gay cities and sights from Florence to Sorrento, with much time spent in Rome along the way. In our tours we try to include well-known places that have a gay side most people don’t […]

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“Time to Go Home” is a live series in which writers read their essays aloud at the Cell Theater on West 23rd Street in New York City. Founded by Ed McCann, himself a writer and editor, the series recently included ten featured writers who were selected (by an editorial board) to read works aloud on the theme of “At the Bar.” Hearing of […]

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Antinous, the Gay God

OSCAR WILDE TOURS is in the middle of our gay history and art tour of Italy, and one thing we’re exploring is the extraordinary relationship between Hadrian, Emperor of Rome (AD 117–138) and his kept boy Antinous. Like the ancient Greeks, the Romans considered adolescent boys a natural object of attraction for an adult man, […]

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Up in the Air  

  “We cannot stop looking at this new Delta ad,” declared the headline of a clever piece by Andrew Richdale, senior editor of We surely don’t need to convince readers of this magazine that these guys are probably not co-workers on a business trip. Richdale sees two strangers meeting on a flight at “cruising […]

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