• NIETZSCHE final art

    Nietzsche’s Hidden Trail of Desire

    Nietzsche’s descriptions of the rise of the overman and of Zarathustra’s disciples seem infused with so many intimations of male-male intimacy and mutuality, not to mention a rainbow!

  • Covers of the 1980 edition and of last year’s 35th anniversary edition

    John Boswell’s Religious Restoration

    [Boswell] argued that the Bible is not hostile to modern understandings of homosexuality, having been misinterpreted by modern readings, and claimed that it wasn’t until the 12th or 13th century that any real hostility toward gay people emerged ...

  • Rupert Everett (as Oscar Wilde) and Charlie Rowe (Lord  Alfred 
“Bosie” Douglas) in The Judas Kiss

    The Passion of the Wilde

    The Judas Kiss opens with a distracting trifle, a sex scene between a bellhop and a maid in the Cadogan Hotel in London where Wilde is about to make a fateful choice: to stay and face charges or to flee. (Photo: Rupert Everett (as Oscar Wilde) and Charlie Rowe (Lord Alfred “Bosie” Douglas) in The Judas Kiss)

  • Vincent Price (as Baka) and John Derek (Joshua) in The Ten Commandments

    Biblical Epics As High Camp

    Within The Ten Commandments, there are also characters that fit the camp mold often associated with gay men. One example is the master builder Baka, played by Vincent Price (Photo: Vincent Price as Baka and John Derek as Joshua in The Ten Commandments).

  • Francis Bacon, Two Figures, 1953

    The Gilded Gutter Life of Francis Bacon

    Peppiatt compares Bacon to Jekyll and Hyde: after painting these horrific images, he goes out and becomes this bon vivant who “raises the temperature” of every room he enters, this generous host who loves to eat and booze and talk and laugh—until he turns on you ... (painting: Francis Bacon, Two Figures, 1953)

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Take It, P! 

  Okay, it didn’t last long, but there for a few brief shining moments—before Facebook madness forced the campaign to pull it—the newly minted Trump-Pence logo offered a penetrating take on the letters T and P. Descriptions of what the two letters were up to ranged from the vulgar to the polite, but there was […]

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Island of Lost and Found Men

    There aren’t many medicines available in our emotional cabinet that cure heartache. There’s the age-old remedy of time. That works, but oh so slowly and it never really seems that it’s working until it does. Another palliative is actual movement—whether it’s on a bike or a plane heading somewhere. For my recent and […]

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Sarah Schulman on Her Latest Provocations

    I first encountered Sarah Schulman in January 1997, when she was a speaker at “Literature in the Age of AIDS” in Key West. That was a world ago. We met again a couple of years later at UNC-Asheville, where she was beginning to articulate her ideas about “familial homophobia,” the central idea in […]

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Hiding Behind Grindr

    There are brands that are practically branded into our thought processes—the swoosh along the sides of sneakers, a pair of golden arches, an apple with a bite taken out of it. But there is another logo, familiar to gay men, that I find ominous: the yellow, ancient Greek mask­–like icon of Grindr, its […]

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Much More Than a “Penis Tour” of Ancient Greece

ABOUT HALFWAY THROUGH Andrew Lear’s wonderful, recently completed tour of “Gay Greece,” the guys on the trip started calling it the “Penis Tour” due to the large number of nude male statues that had passed before our eyes. As luck would have it, an article by Prof. Lear had just been published in which Andrew […]

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Was the Orlando Massacre a Hate Crime or an Act of Terror?

THE JUNE 12TH MASSACRE at the LGBT club Pulse in Orlando illustrates the commonalities between hate crimes and terrorism. Hate crimes tend to be more targeted against a particular demographic group, in this case, the LGBT community. Terrorism is usually indiscriminate. The only quality victims share is being in the wrong place at the wrong […]

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