Our New York      July-August 2015
  • From Wonder Woman #7, 1943

    Wonder Woman’s Hidden Agenda

    Noah Berlatsky takes the reader on an eye-opening exploration of the subtexts of the Wonder Woman comics from the series’ inception in 1941 to 1948.

  • Just me and the gang. Summer 1975.

    Who Was That Woman in the Pines?

    [Fire Island] being the epicenter of gay male sociability in the New York metro, you can imagine the question I was asked most often: “What’s a nice straight girl like you doing in a place like this?”

  • Kent Monkman, Duel After the Masquerade, 2007. Collection of Jennifer Dattels.

    Out, Outed, Ousted

    The recent show Irreverent: A Celebration of Censorship at the Leslie-Lohman Museum in New York (Feb. 13–May 3, 2015) spotlighted some important cases of censorship at the institutional level—situations in which an artist or a work has been removed from a show, or restricted from view, after it had gone on display.

  • George Platt Lynes, Monroe Wheeler, and Glenway Wescott

    At the Hidden Core of the Big Apple

    New York was the seat of transatlantic queer cultural ascendancy in the interwar years and after World War II.

  • Alexander McQueen and John Galliano

    Under the Fashion Juggernaut

    One can’t decide whether Gods and Kings is about the horrors of consumerism or two gay Brits who experienced the catastrophe of success. Whatever the answer, it makes one wish the whole business would shrink, subside, and return to what it used to be.

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When Life Imitates a Movie Crush

I WAS A LATE TEENAGER in 1977 when I saw the not-much-older Robby Benson star in the newly released One on One. I bought a ticket to the 2:10 showing at the Varsity Theater in downtown Evanston, Illinois, and when the film ended at 3:48, I stayed on in my seat for the 4:10 showing, […]

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Up Yours!  

In the spirit of American flag toilet paper and Richard Nixon candles, Donald Trump has been made into a butt plug! The sex toy was created in reaction to Trump’s comments about Mexican immigrants, which included gems like: “They’re sending us not the right people. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.” The tool […]

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Not a Good Match  

At London’s Pride parade this year, CNN reported spotting a banner representing the terrorist organization ISIS. The implied message seemed to be: ISIS is everywhere, even in a gay pride parade! Only later did someone point out that the flag was adorned not with Arabic letters, as is the jihadist flag used by ISIS, but […]

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Gay Lovers Were Heroes of Athenian Democracy

    WHENEVER I give a GLBT tour at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, I always stop to talk about this fragment from a red-figured Greek vase. It’s not much to look at, and certainly a casual observer would see nothing homoerotic about it. What you see are two men with drawn swords, […]

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It was the media event of the summer: the transformation of Olympic triathlete Bruce Jenner into “Call me Caitlyn.” For years the butt of late-night jokes due to his extensive plastic surgery, Bruce qua Caitlyn was suddenly an object of curiosity, awe, possibly even respect. Anticipation turned into va’voom when Caitlyn appeared on the cover […]

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Gay Crossing Ahead

The city of Vienna wants to increase pedestrian awareness and safety, so they’ve installed “Walk” and “Wait” signals that feature images of same-sex couples. This comes at a time when Germany is racing to install more “female” signals to address criticism that manly shapes have predominated for too long. So, if Walk and Wait signals […]

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