The Future of 'Gay'      January-February 2016

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Scandinavian Outerwear

Of all the contenders for the world’s most manly men, Norwegians have to be up there near the top of the macho hit parade. They’re the descendants of Erik the Red and the Vikings, inhabitants of a rugged land that shields the rest of Europe from arctic squalls. Only this could explain the self-confidence of […]

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  I’ve just returned from a short city break in Spain (this time in the city of Valencia on the Mediterranean coast). Every year I find myself visiting and re-visiting Spain, which is why I recently wrote how the country is my #1 favorite destination in Europe. Year-round, it’s a great place to stay with […]

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More Guns and Dildos

  Last issue’s BTW reported on a student action at UT-Austin in response to a new Texas law that allows students to carry concealed weapons on campus, which is to pack dildos (not guns) in their backpacks. Commented the organizer: “Dildos and guns are in it together for the long haul.” Confirmation for this proposition […]

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Gay History All Over the World

  This week brought Oscar Wilde Tours a big honor: we won the Travvy silver award for best LGBT tour operator. Pretty amazing, when you think that we are just starting our second season! I think and hope it means that people in the travel industry find our concept exciting—gay travel focusing on gay history […]

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Scenes from a Marriage

  Dada Woof Papa Hot A play by Peter Parnell Directed by Scott Ellis At the Lincoln Center Theater     IN OUR AGE of same-sex marriage and parenting, a play titled Dada Woof Papa Hot seems sure to tap into the GLBT zeitgeist. Playwright Peter Parnell, as if to pick up where Terrence McNally left […]

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How the Pope Was Played

Many people felt dejected when Pope Francis, on his recent visit to the U.S., met with Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, becoming a media sensation and a cause célèbre of the religious Right. It turns out both Davis and the papal meeting were creatures of […]

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