• ‘I grew up in Bombay, home of the Hijra.’

    Born in India in 1947, Sir Salman Rushdie was educated at Cambridge University and came of age in England—indeed he is a knight of the realm—but has lived in New York City for much of his adult life. … This exclusive interview was conducted by telephone in August.

  • Inside West Side Story

    Left to Right: Stephen Sondheim, Arthur Laurents, Harold Prince, Robert Griffith, Leonard Bernstein, and Jerome Robbins on the WSS set.

  • Picturing ‘The German Vice’

    A humorous spoof on the Eulenburg affair can be found on a German card featuring a fairy tale maiden and two couples. The central couple is comprised of two men in an embrace.

  • The Etymology of Lads

    Poetry, Housman said in a Cambridge lecture, should produce “that thrilling utterance which pierces the heart and brings tears to the eyes.” The best of his still do.

  • Indigenous Alien

    Despite the predictable but disturbing litany of abuse, Ma-Nee emerges as a talented visual artist and a heroic survivor who eventually nurtures both children and adults in need.

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For Hidden Gay Art, Visit the Met!

David Hockney is an artist of our own time. Being openly gay and making openly homoerotic work was important to him from early in his career—even when gay relations were still illegal in the UK—and this retrospective is replete with gay themes.

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How Jim Nabors Led the Way Out

    JIM NABORS (1930–2017), best known for his TV role as Gomer Pyle, was one of my first heroes in life, even before I understood why. Gay men of my generation—most of us in our 50s—often talk about when it was we first knew about our sexual identity. For many of us, it was […]

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Modern Family and the Tyranny of Straight Coupledom

    THE POPULAR TV SERIES Modern Family, which debuted on ABC in 2009, is a comedy presented in mockumentary style in which the characters often talk directly into the camera to interject their perspectives. It details the lives of three families, one of which is a gay couple, Mitchell and Cameron, who have an adopted daughter, Lilly. Modern Family is […]

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The Ancient, Amazing Diver of Paestum

    I AM AFRAID of deep water and I am afraid of dying. I am not alone in these fears. And, yet, an ancient frescoed image discovered at Paestum, of a slim youth diving into the waters of the afterworld, exhilarates me and lessens those worries. Art has such power. When I first saw […]

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A Revival of M Butterfly Revives the Gender Question

  Butterfly by David Henry Hwang At the Cort Theatre, New York City   THE BROADWAY revival of David Henry Hwang’s M. Butterfly comes at a propitious moment: the Imperialist American project is once again ripe for re-examination. Issues of gender and assumed male sexual privilege are headline news, and misapprehensions about race shake the […]

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Portrait Painter Juan Bastos on His Upcoming L.A. Show

    JUAN BASTOS is a portrait painter whose career will soon be on view at a major retrospective of his work at the Denenberg Fine Arts Gallery in West Hollywood, CA, starting on November 5th and running through the 18th. Included in the exhibition will be the covers of several issues of The Gay […]

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