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The Bisexual’s Dilemma

Fire Shut Up in My Bonesby Charles BlowHoughton Mifflin.  240 pages, $27.   The American Dream is not one but rather a kaleidoscope of dreams; this is the rural Southern version. Charles Blow’s life to date can be comfortably divided into two roughly equal parts. The first half, the subject of this memoir, was passed […]

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LGBT History 101

Part One begins with an essay by John D’Emilio, one of the most distinguished scholars of LGBT history in America. 

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A Champion of ‘Homogenic Love’

EDWARD CARPENTER (1844-1929) was the most important early pioneer of gay liberation. Before him, writing in German, Heinrich Hössli had defended the “male love of the Greeks” (1836-38) and Karl Heinrich Ulrichs had decried the persecution of “male-male love” (1864-1880).

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Mapping (Bi)Sexual Desire

MY PARTNER in commitment claims he is straight, always has been straight, and could never imagine himself engaging in sexual activity other than with a woman. He says he did not choose his straightness, this is just the way things are.

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Short Reviews

Reviews of Getting Bi:  Voices of Bisexuals around the World, Bi Men:  Coming Out Every Which Way, High Pink:  Tex-Mex Fairy Tales, and Inside Out:  Straight Talk from a Gay Jock.

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Bisexuality and the Case against Dualism

IT WAS SEEING the movie Kinsey that triggered a heated discussion about bisexuality between me and my girlfriend Meg, whom I had “accused” of being bisexual in light of her history of dating men several years earlier. She vehemently denied that this earlier life made her bisexual, giving rise to that age-old discussion of just what makes a person “bi”: …

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