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On the Medicalization of Gender

Sex Science Self … is a legitimate and earnest expression of cultural anxieties (particularly in the gay community) about the prominence of transgender issues and the role of the pharmaceutical-industrial complex in the medical construction of gender.

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Gender Fluidity in Hawaiian Culture

In pre-Christian Hawaii, Māhū was a category of revered and admired individuals. Māhūs were regarded as the keepers of certain customs, and they played a vital role in passing on their wisdom to the next generations through traditional practices, such as hula and chant. They were what we would term transgender

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Brief Reviews

  Women with Mustaches and Men without Beards: Gender and Sexual Anxieties of Iranian Modernity by Afsaneh Najmabadi Univ. of California Press. 363 pages, $24.95   This provocative piece of scholarship does not merely tell a history of the modern Middle East through the lenses of gender and sexuality; it also demonstrates how the shifting […]

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