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Evolutionary Origins of Homosexuality

Male homosexuality appears to have arisen via human evolution because of its potential benefits for the functionality and survivability of the family.

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Make America Sick Again

THE 2016 ELECTION stands to have far-reaching effects on public policy affecting LGBT people and people living with HIV, both in the U.S. and abroad. It is in the area of health policy that the LGBT community and people living with HIV (PLWH) stand to lose the most.

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What Is Sex? What Is Gender?

“Gender,” as distinct from sex, is normally thought of as pertaining uniquely to humans, something that’s constructed by culture and finding highly divergent expression in different cultures.

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On the Medicalization of Gender

Sex Science Self … is a legitimate and earnest expression of cultural anxieties (particularly in the gay community) about the prominence of transgender issues and the role of the pharmaceutical-industrial complex in the medical construction of gender.

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The Lure of the Gay Gene

  THE FOLLOWING WORDS were published anonymously ten years ago in a pamphlet titled “The Gay Gene Will Not Protect You,” by a group of queer activists in New York City under the name Pink Tank: “The question isn’t whether we are gay. It’s whether we are out. We don’t have to figure out why […]

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Support for the Biological Argument

Jacques Balthazart’s The Biology of Homosexuality makes the strongest, the most detailed, and the most balanced argument in favor of the biological case for homosexuality.

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Anatomy Is Destiny, Except Sometimes

AS A BIOLOGIST, I have found the arguments against same-sex marriage

misguided—not because the evidence hints at homosexuality being based,

at least in part, on biological roots, but because the same arguments

that are used to keep same-sex marriage illegal could also be applied

to some ostensibly opposite-sex marriages. It may be shocking for some

people to hear that the sex and gender of every individual in our

population does not fit into a conventionally defined box that can be

labeled “male” or “female.”

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“Nature Abhors a Category”

An interview with the author of Evolution’s Rainbow

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Brief History of a Recurring Nightmare

Strange “cures” for an age-old “disease”

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