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Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves

Lynn Comella is an associate professor of gender and sexuality at the University of Nevada, and Vibrator Nation represents a two-decade project that became her dissertation in communications.

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The New Sex Criminals

Porno Chic and the Sex Wars and The War on Sex tell a story of increasing sexual repression in the U.S. since the late 1970s. Despite improvements in the legal and social status of LGBT citizens, the consensual sex lives of Americans are more policed now than ever before.

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  Fun Down There The defeat of North Carolina’s Republican governor, Pat McCrory, last November ran against the general tide of the election, and his loss was clearly due to his support for the infamous HB2 or “bathroom bill” that bars transgender people from using the public restroom of their choice. The law triggered a […]

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What Is Sex? What Is Gender?

“Gender,” as distinct from sex, is normally thought of as pertaining uniquely to humans, something that’s constructed by culture and finding highly divergent expression in different cultures.

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The Plight of GLBT Sex-Trafficking Survivors

In my work as a human trafficking expert witness and researcher, I have become acutely aware of internationally acclaimed organizations that restrict resources based on a victim’s sexuality.

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‘All of my films deal in fantasy.’

WAKEFIELD POOLE (b. 1936) is an artist and innovator whose work deserves to be taken seriously for its contribution to gay culture and to culture in general. Like many creative people, Poole did not stick to just one medium, but because he became known as a maker of gay adult movies, he has been forever pigeonholed as a film pornographer.

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THINGS I WAS surprised to learn in William E. Jones’ biography of the legendary pornographer … Boyd McDonald: first, that he got the idea for his magazine Straight to Hell after reading a passage in Myra Breckinridge lambasting circumcision; second …

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More Than a Sanskrit Sex Manual

Doniger translated from the original Sanskrit text, while Kakar translated the Hindi commentary. Their translation was widely praised as more accurate than the original 1883 English translation by Sir Richard Francis Burton.

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Brazilian Bombshells

Gregory Mitchell’s study of male sex workers in Brazil, the muscular machos for rent in certain saunas in Rio de Janeiro really are putting on an act, trying to match themselves to the fantasy that tourists from America and Europe have of Brazilian men.

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Reviews of Ultimate Gay Sex, The Gay Man’s Kama Sutra, and Best Gay Asian Erotica.

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