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What Is Sex? What Is Gender?

“Gender,” as distinct from sex, is normally thought of as pertaining uniquely to humans, something that’s constructed by culture and finding highly divergent expression in different cultures.

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The Plight of GLBT Sex-Trafficking Survivors

In my work as a human trafficking expert witness and researcher, I have become acutely aware of internationally acclaimed organizations that restrict resources based on a victim’s sexuality.

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‘All of my films deal in fantasy.’

WAKEFIELD POOLE (b. 1936) is an artist and innovator whose work deserves to be taken seriously for its contribution to gay culture and to culture in general. Like many creative people, Poole did not stick to just one medium, but because he became known as a maker of gay adult movies, he has been forever pigeonholed as a film pornographer.

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THINGS I WAS surprised to learn in William E. Jones’ biography of the legendary pornographer … Boyd McDonald: first, that he got the idea for his magazine Straight to Hell after reading a passage in Myra Breckinridge lambasting circumcision; second …

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Brazilian Bombshells

  Tourist Attractions: Performing Race & Masculinity in Brazil’s Sexual Economy by Gregory Mitchell University of Chicago Press. 274 pages, $30.   FOR ONCE, that pretentious concept dear to queer theorists—“performance”—seems apt. In Gregory Mitchell’s study of male sex workers in Brazil, the muscular machos for rent in certain saunas in Rio de Janeiro really are […]

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SWM Looking for Same

  Not Gay: Sex Between Straight White Men by Jane Ward NYU Press. 238 pages, $25.   THE TITLE of Jane Ward’s book is not meant to be ironic. Her argument is that while sexual activity between straight white men (SWM) does take place, it doesn’t mean that the participants are gay. The book is […]

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Down There on a Visit

  FOR YEARS I had heard stories of the fabled sex club, the Lab.oratory, located in an abandoned power station in East Berlin. Described by The Lonely Planet as a well-equipped “lab” with “plenty of toys and rooms for advanced sexual experimentation,” the name of the club alone should give us pause, reminding us that […]

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Legacies of the Sexual Revolution

  CAROL QUEEN, PhD, is an author and activist whose work as a sex-positive feminist began in the 1970s and continues to this day. She was an early organizer for LGBT equality, an AIDS activist in the ’80s, and a sexologist who has lectured and written on all aspects of  human sexuality. She has served […]

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Let’s Talk about Interracial Porn

HISTORICAL AND CULTURAL TENSIONS surrounding issues of masculinity, race, violence, sexuality, and miscegenation commingle in both all-black and interracial pornography. Black men in gay porn customarily inhabit a position of power that has roots in racialized fetishism.

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New York Hustlers: Masculinity and Sex in Modern America by Barry Reay

Straight for Pay

THE HUSTLERS in New York Hustlers are self-identified straight men who exchange sex for money with a homosexual clientele. Reay claims that through this lens he can examine a slice of heterosexuality as well, since these men cross over the great divide between homo- and heterosexual worlds.

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