Warhol Off the Wall


After Andy: Adventures in Warhol Land
by Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni
Blue Rider Press. 336 pages, $28.


3D Warhol: Andy Warhol and Sculpture
by Thomas Morgan Evans
B. Tauris. 264 pages, $24.95



IT HAS BEEN three decades since Andy Warhol died at New York Hospital (on February 22, 1987) of complications from gall bladder surgery. In 2017, over a dozen books about Warhol or his art, ranging from the frivolous to the academic, were published. After Andy and 3D Warhol can be found at either end of that spectrum, the former a fun read by a one-time Warhol groupie, the latter a rather scholarly book by a noteworthy art critic.


Warhol Mania Hits Cambridge, Mass.

In the fall of 2017, the American Repertory Theater (ART) in Cambridge, Massachusetts, premiered a one-act drama, Warhol/Capote, based on many hours of their taped conversations. To celebrate this event, the Harvard Art Museum displayed six of ten screen prints from a Marilyn (1967) portfolio. They are distinguished by their mint condition: they had never been removed from their original packaging, and the colors are vibrant. A beautiful silver-on-gray Marilyn made her look like Marlene Dietrich, while faint vertical lines appeared in the background of a hot pink Marilyn, possibly from the cardboard packing case.

Within a few miles of the ART, two other college-affiliated Warhol exhibits were on view: at Simmons College and at Mass. College of Art and Design. The latter displayed a collection of Polaroids, mostly of socialites and sports figures, many of which were used as source material for future portraits. An attractive and useful gallery catalog, Andy Warhol: What’s the Difference?, edited by Heather Hole, was published for the Simmons exhibit. All works on exhibit are stamped: “Extra, out of the edition” and are leftovers from official prints and portfolios. Some leftovers! There’s the Jackie Triptych (1964), a series of moments before and after JFK’s assassination; Shoes (1980), sprinkled with diamond dust; Sitting Bull, from the 1986 Cowboys and Indians series; and more.

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