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Charles Shively, Pioneer Activist and Author

A lifelong poet—he first published poems in high school—Shively wrote at least one poem a day. His Nuestra Señora de los Dolores: The San Francisco Experience was published in 1975.

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The Shock of the Old

  Michael Bronski is one of the great unnatural resources of gay and lesbian letters. He’s insanely well-read in a wide range of areas: fiction, politics, history, and theory. And he loves not only the printed word but film, music, and theater as well. I’ve known him for many years and am accustomed to conversations […]

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Charles Shively, 1937- 2017: Pioneer Activist, Author, and Poet

  ONE OF THE PIVOTAL FIGURES in the Gay Liberation Movement, Charley Shively died on Friday, October 6th, at the Cambridge Rehabilitation and Nursing Home, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He had been a resident there since June of 2011, suffering from Alzheimer’s. He would have turned eighty on December 8, 2017. At the 1977 Boston Gay […]

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John Mitzel: Writer, Bookseller, Boston Institution

  JOHN MITZEL, the proprietor of Calamus Bookstore—Boston’s GLBT bookstore—died on October 4 in his home in Arlington, Massachusetts. His death was the result of a long series of physical ailments, some related to alcohol and most recently a battle with oral cancer. Mitzel—as he was publicly known to everyone, though some friends, myself included, […]

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Gay Wasn’t So Grim in 1940’s Fiction

SIX YEARS AGO, I began working on an anthology entitled Pulp Friction, which started out as a lighthearted look at the pulp novels of the 1950’s and 1960’s. While Pulp Friction was never intended to be a throwaway book, I originally envisioned it as a nostalgic walk through what I imagined to be a world of outdated and-to our eyes now-probably simpleminded, even homophobic fiction.

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When Nathaniel Met Herman

The following article first appeared in The Boston Phoenix, August 22-28, 2003 issue.

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