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Mathilde Krim (1926–2018): A Personal Reflection

I MET and spoke with Mathilde Krim, who died on January 15th at age 91, some time in the mid-1980s, at a party to which I’d been invited at her Upper East Side home. It was amid the worst years of the AIDS crisis, when friends in their twenties were dying all around me, when […]

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How Jim Nabors Led the Way Out

    JIM NABORS (1930–2017), best known for his TV role as Gomer Pyle, was one of my first heroes in life, even before I understood why. Gay men of my generation—most of us in our 50s—often talk about when it was we first knew about our sexual identity. For many of us, it was […]

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The Ancient, Amazing Diver of Paestum

    I AM AFRAID of deep water and I am afraid of dying. I am not alone in these fears. And, yet, an ancient frescoed image discovered at Paestum, of a slim youth diving into the waters of the afterworld, exhilarates me and lessens those worries. Art has such power. When I first saw […]

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Falling in Lust

    I REMAIN HAUNTED by a remark a famous novelist made during her public talk at Sewanee University a few summers ago. She lamented, with much audible derision, that too many poets now write “lust poems,” as she called them, rather than “love poems.” The implication was that poems celebrating lust as opposed to […]

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Stardom in the Age of the Selfie

Reading this book, which is subtitled My Life in Stories and Pictures, is akin to sitting with Cumming as he leafs through his ever-growing scrapbook of accomplishments, loves lost and won, and collaborations with other name-brand stars.

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Island of Lost and Found Men

    There aren’t many medicines available in our emotional cabinet that cure heartache. There’s the age-old remedy of time. That works, but oh so slowly and it never really seems that it’s working until it does. Another palliative is actual movement—whether it’s on a bike or a plane heading somewhere. For my recent and […]

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Hiding Behind Grindr

    There are brands that are practically branded into our thought processes—the swoosh along the sides of sneakers, a pair of golden arches, an apple with a bite taken out of it. But there is another logo, familiar to gay men, that I find ominous: the yellow, ancient Greek mask­–like icon of Grindr, its […]

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N.Y. Showroom Models at Work and Play

  ONE OF MY ROLES as a senior features editor at Town & Country was that of men’s fashion editor, a subject and an arena that I didn’t know at all well but was hired to cover, as the editor-in-chief wanted someone who simply knew the expensive name brands. At my first interview, the editor […]

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“Time to Go Home” is a live series in which writers read their essays aloud at the Cell Theater on West 23rd Street in New York City. Founded by Ed McCann, himself a writer and editor, the series recently included ten featured writers who were selected (by an editorial board) to read works aloud on the theme of “At the Bar.” Hearing of […]

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When Life Imitates a Movie Crush

I WAS A LATE TEENAGER in 1977 when I saw the not-much-older Robby Benson star in the newly released One on One. I bought a ticket to the 2:10 showing at the Varsity Theater in downtown Evanston, Illinois, and when the film ended at 3:48, I stayed on in my seat for the 4:10 showing, […]

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