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Martin Wong on the Lower East Side

Aligning himself with black and Latino graffiti artists and poets on the Lower East Side, including the legendary Puerto Rican writer and ex-con Miguel Piñero, his friend and sometime lover, Wong nevertheless described himself as a “tourist” there. If indeed he felt like an outsider—and Wong, Asian and gay, could certainly look like one, flamboyantly dressed, as he often was, from head to toe, like an urban cowboy—as an artist he penetrated deeply into the social terrain that he was observing.

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At the Heart of a Bay Area Revival

  An Opening of the Field Jess, Robert Duncan, and Their Circle Curated by and Michael Duncan and Christopher Wagstaff At the Pasadena Museum of California Art to January 11, 2015   ART HISTORY can be a dry affair: a reinterpretation for the umpteenth time of the Mona Lisa’s smile. But sometimes it can bring to light […]

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