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Easy Marks

  Residents of Waco, Texas, couldn’t help but notice that the city’s Christmas lights had a different look this year, a certain flair, a je ne sais quoi. The arrangement of colors from red to violet created the effect of a giant rainbow stretching endlessly down the corridor. Did someone say rainbow? So, before you […]

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Three Photos in No Need of a Punchline

They pretty much speak for themselves. They come from around the world, and all three involve matters of questionable taste as locally defined.   1. For anyone who missed this sign in front of the Bella Vista Baptist Church in Edgewater, Florida, which went TV viral in early November, here it is. For the rest […]

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Ken Just Got a New Look!

  Lots of new looks, in fact: new body types (“slim,” “broad,” and “original”), new skin tones, and nine hair styles (including the man bun). And those outfits! Take the three Ken Dolls pictured here: you’ve got your basic surfer dude, a construction worker, and a jock—kind of like the various “macho” roles in the […]

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Follow-up on the Zombie News  

  The current BTW reported on an anti-gay group calling itself the “Gay Zombies Cannabis Consumer’s [sic] Association” infiltrating Toronto’s annual Pride parade wearing ridiculous outfits that they thought would bring discredit to the GLBT community; and we laughed at their naïve stunt. What we didn’t know was that the Zombies were handing out pamphlets filled […]

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Check In! 

  The anti-gay American Family Association (AFA) is putting Hilton Worldwide on alert concerning an ad that the hotel chain ran in Travel + Leisure magazine showing two guys waking up together in bed. “Stop Clicking Around,” the ad admonished, whatever that means. The AFA complained that T+A is “a mainstream publication that can be […]

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Three Photo Ops from the 2016 Rio Olympics

  The first is from a New York Times piece titled, “Q: Why Do Gay Men Love the Olympics? A: Isn’t It Obvious?” And if it wasn’t obvious before, one needed only to look at the impressive spread of photos accompanying the piece, showing mostly male athletes in Speedos or performing gymnastics. The piece even got […]

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More Guns and Dildos

  Last issue’s BTW reported on a student action at UT-Austin in response to a new Texas law that allows students to carry concealed weapons on campus, which is to pack dildos (not guns) in their backpacks. Commented the organizer: “Dildos and guns are in it together for the long haul.” Confirmation for this proposition […]

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It was the media event of the summer: the transformation of Olympic triathlete Bruce Jenner into “Call me Caitlyn.” For years the butt of late-night jokes due to his extensive plastic surgery, Bruce qua Caitlyn was suddenly an object of curiosity, awe, possibly even respect. Anticipation turned into va’voom when Caitlyn appeared on the cover […]

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Gay Crossing Ahead

The city of Vienna wants to increase pedestrian awareness and safety, so they’ve installed “Walk” and “Wait” signals that feature images of same-sex couples. This comes at a time when Germany is racing to install more “female” signals to address criticism that manly shapes have predominated for too long. So, if Walk and Wait signals […]

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Putting the X in Ex-Gay

We can’t report on every run-of-the-mill sex scandal involving a fundamentalist preacher or anti-gay politician, but every so often one comes along that seems to harbor a deeper meaning. Take the case of Steven Barnes, a former teacher at the Bethel Baptist School in Wills, Mississippi, who stands accused of raping a student once a […]

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