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Cher Was There

  Police were stumped when house after house was getting robbed in a Portland, Oregon, neighborhood, and the burglar kept eluding capture. He would take the usual items of value—cash, electronics, jewelry—and managed to rob fifteen homes without slipping up. But then he was done in by… Cher. It seems the burglar, whose name is […]

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Prince of Paradox

  PERUSING the Billboard Hot Soul Singles chart from the back issues of 1978, one has to be struck by the diversity that chart offers in contrast to today. The legacy of hip-hop, which was just being invented around that time, eventually eviscerated every other style of soul music such that Chris Brown, replete with […]

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Keep the Well in Greenwell

There was once a country singer named Josey Greenwell who had a following and was openly gay (as reported by But then he sort of dropped out of sight for a while—it happens—and after six or eight months his fans noticed that even his Facebook page and Wikipedia presence had evaporated. Meanwhile, there’s a […]

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