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John Ashbery Remembered by a Fellow Poet

Though he liked to drink (too much, truth to tell) John didn’t frequent gay bars. People came to him. In Paris he was partnered with the poet Pierre Martory for several years and later provided translations of a volume of his poems.

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More Guns and Dildos

  Last issue’s BTW reported on a student action at UT-Austin in response to a new Texas law that allows students to carry concealed weapons on campus, which is to pack dildos (not guns) in their backpacks. Commented the organizer: “Dildos and guns are in it together for the long haul.” Confirmation for this proposition […]

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Gay poet: breaking taboo subjects can be revelatory

Via G(&)LIT: “It’s naughty, I know, to talk about the ass,” writes gay poet Angelo Nikolopoulos, “but why should the lowly—the seemingly base—be exempt from our attention, when they provide such coordinates for discovery, when they offer enchantment?” He goes on to write, “Yeats says that love has pitched his mansion in the place of […]

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How Poet Frank O’Hara Taught Us to Be Gay

Recently G(&)LIT (the new gay literary tumblr for The GLR) was excited to get a review copy of Poems Retrieved: Frank O’Hara. So, this article, which nominates O’Hara as one of the foundational writers who teach us what “gay” might mean, was of much interest. Writes the article’s author: “O’Hara’s queerness has always been there to see but […]

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