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Where the Boys Are

  From the annals of recent experience: a visit to Marshall’s to buy a pair of boxer briefs. Well, I can remember when the bulges on the packages were air-brushed so thoroughly that you wondered where the willies went. Today, of course, quite the opposite effect is cultivated. As luck would have it, minutes earlier […]

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One More Time: How Great Was San Francisco in the 70s?

      Before leaving for San Francisco in the early 1970s, I had been involved in the Civil Rights struggles in the South and protested against a senseless war in Vietnam, and I was about to find out that gay men in San Francisco were changing the way America thought about sex. For me, […]

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Looking for Same  

  Then there’s the ever-fascinating phenomenon of straight men having sex with one another. We all know it goes on—just check out Craigslist and notice the straight guys looking for “same.” That’s exactly what sociologist Tony Silva did, focusing on rural settings, and he tracked down a sample of nineteen country guys who fitted the […]

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Too Good Is No Good

  Staying in the countryside, a French calendar boasting photos of sexy farmers caused a minor dust-up when a Huffington Post piece objected that the subjects were clearly not real “farmers” but rather studio models in overalls. In this age of fake news, it’s surprising that anyone would notice this conventional fib, but it prompted […]

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Much More Than a “Penis Tour” of Ancient Greece

ABOUT HALFWAY THROUGH Andrew Lear’s wonderful, recently completed tour of “Gay Greece,” the guys on the trip started calling it the “Penis Tour” due to the large number of nude male statues that had passed before our eyes. As luck would have it, an article by Prof. Lear had just been published in which Andrew […]

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Demonic Circle  

  It was announced that a right-wing church called Open Door Baptist Church of Easley, SC, forgot to renew the name of their popular website,, and the domain name was promptly bought by a gay rights activist who redirected the URL to “”—a gay porn site that may be shocking even to those who […]

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Okay, the Image Was “Flipped”!

THE TIME has come to set the record straight. Several readers have written in to point out that the full-page illustration that appears in the current issue (March-April ’15) under the title, “Jesus’ Penis and the Seed of Faith,” was printed backward, making it unreadable unless you hold the page to a mirror. The page […]

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The Tenth Circle

There’s a newly ordained pastor in Puerto Rico named José Santiago, and he wasn’t long on the job before people began posting pictures of a guy who looked remarkably like him—and not just any guy but a well-known gay porn star named Gustavo Arrango. Sure enough, it turns out the two men are one and […]

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