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The Making of Baseball’s First Female Pro

While I find it unsettling that in 2017 it remains a political act to share the truth about one’s sexual orientation, without shame, to either loved ones or total strangers. But it is and always has been the writer’s job of a writer to illuminate what is hidden. For doing just that in her memoir, Ila Jane Borders is to be applauded.

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Three Photo Ops from the 2016 Rio Olympics

  The first is from a New York Times piece titled, “Q: Why Do Gay Men Love the Olympics? A: Isn’t It Obvious?” And if it wasn’t obvious before, one needed only to look at the impressive spread of photos accompanying the piece, showing mostly male athletes in Speedos or performing gymnastics. The piece even got […]

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Hey, That’s Me!

In keeping with the theme of the forthcoming issue, which is “Private P/Arts,” we pause to bring you a new sculpture that raised more than eyebrows when it was unveiled in Madeira, Portugal, the hometown of world-famous footballer Christiano Ronaldo, who is the subject of the statue. Newspapers worldwide tittered about “the er… erection” of […]

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Slipping in Sochi

We can’t resist a nod to the men of the doubles luge, who take such a ribbing for the physical positioning their sport requires, what with one man lying on top of the other as they speed down an icy sluice. The jokes are too obvious to be funny, best left unanswered by the undoubtedly […]

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Find the Gay Swimmer

Which is more improbable, that a tiny island nation of 100,000 is able to field an Olympic swim team, or that one its members is openly gay, fully accepted by his teammates, and an activist for GLBT equality? One-named, New-Zealand-born Fonua represented the South Pacific archipelago of Tonga in the 100-meter breaststroke competition at the […]

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