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Mark Merlis: An Appreciation

In An Arrow’s Flight, certainly one of the most original novels of the last half-century, two tiny marks left on Philoctetes’ ankle by a snakebite change everything, even the fate of the most beautiful city on earth.

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“Time to Go Home” is a live series in which writers read their essays aloud at the Cell Theater on West 23rd Street in New York City. Founded by Ed McCann, himself a writer and editor, the series recently included ten featured writers who were selected (by an editorial board) to read works aloud on the theme of “At the Bar.” Hearing of […]

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Gore Vidal surprised the world one last time when his will was read and he’d bequeathed his entire fortune of $37 million to—wait for it—Harvard University. The shocker was that Vidal had always seemed to be at war with Harvard, sneering at its elitism and its ties to the ruling class. Vidal’s nephew, Burr Steers, […]

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