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November – December, 2005

What becomes of at-risk gay youths?

BY ALL ACCOUNTS gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered youths comprise a disproportionate number of at-risk youths across the U.S. They are substantially more likely than are straight youths to experience homelessness, whether because they run away or because they’re forced to leave home by their families. They’re more likely to attempt suicide and more likely to commit truancy or to drop out of high school altogether to avoid an intolerable situation. …

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Men in Black and White

COWBOYS are queer-or at least they were in frontier tales of the 19th century. Such is the conclusion of Chris Packard’s new book on this topic. …

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A Literature of Hope for GLBT Youth

TO GROW UP gay or lesbian any time before the Internet came into wide use, in most of America, was to experience a profound isolation. There were few places where one could go to see the possibility of a normal life. Many of us wondered whether we were alone in feeling the anomaly of same-sex attraction. Only slowly, as gays and lesbians began appearing in the mainstream media, could youths come to know that homosexuality is out there. Everything changed with the rise of the Internet in the mid-1990’s. …

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Stardust Confessions

“A FRYING-PAN of shameful loves sizzled loudly all around me,” writes a brilliant, sensitive man in his early forties, remembering the uncontrollable lusts of earlier years, “and theatrical shows seized hold of me.” The writer is not Martin Moran but St. Augustine …

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The New Gay Teen: Shunning Labels

… Derrick is not self-hating, homophobic, or confused about who he is. He just doesn’t think he’s gay.

Derrick is not a lone exception. This I discovered through interviewing young women with physical or romantic attractions to women, talking to youths in gay/straight alliances, reading youth stories gathered by others, listening to young people at the annual True Colors conference over the past decade, and reading the scientific literature. …

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Marriage: Theory & Advice

… Same-sex marriage, which a decade ago seemed like a logical-and harmless-extension of civil rights to a group of disfranchised citizens, has instead become one of the key rallying points in the Christian Right’s attempt to merge religion and politics. …

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Listening to the Civil Rights Movement

WHERE ARE WE in the struggle for gay rights in the United States? Are we in the early stages of what will become a successful mass movement for equal civil rights and respect? Or have we reached the highest point of advance for the time being-where we have persuaded many fair-minded people to disdain homophobia, but have lost the momentum to the well-organized and more powerful forces of conservative backlash? …

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The Woman in My Life

“CREATIVE NON-POETRY” is how Richard McCann half-jokingly described his unassumingly moving new book, Mother of Sorrows, at a reading. In a fusion of poetic memoir and fictional prose, McCann gently skews the facts both to guard his own past and to acquire artistic liberties. …

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The ‘Ex-Gay’ Agenda

This article first appeared in, at An on-line version remains in the Salon archives. Reprinted with permission.

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Short Reviews

Reviews of In Tangier We Killed the Blue Parrot, and School of the Arts: Poems.

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