• The Other France

    A coming-of-age story, The End of Eddy describes in graphic detail the tribulations of a gay teenager growing up in the depressed northern region of France during the late 1990s and early 2000s.

  • The Philippines: Make Way for the Baklas

    Baklas are effeminate men who dress in women’s garb and consider themselves in every way to be female. You may occasionally see them in other Asian countries, but their sheer numbers here, and their widespread acceptance, is what sets the Philippines apart.

  • People of Colors vs. the Whiteness House

    People of Colors employs naturally colored sand as paint, drawing on recent fashion magazine advertisements. Working with the sands of time for over thirty years—encrusting cars and a motel, sandblasting and filling a car—these sand drawings seem frail and intimate.

  • Why Is a Gay Man Hiding in Little Caesar?

    EDWARD G. ROBINSON’S portrayal of Caesar Enrico Bandello in the 1931 film Little Caesar helped create the movie gangster archetype. Writer Jason Fraley describes Little Caesar as introducing the antihero chasing a lawless American Dream.

  • An Activist on Three Fronts

    In Jane Crow, Rosalind Rosenberg delineates [Pauli] Murray’s education, career, and personal life in the context of American history. We see Murray as a young woman struggling against Jim Crow laws in the South, becoming a member of the Communist Party Opposition, and working for the Negro People’s Committee to Aid Spanish Refugees.

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Where the Boys Are

  From the annals of recent experience: a visit to Marshall’s to buy a pair of boxer briefs. Well, I can remember when the bulges on the packages were air-brushed so thoroughly that you wondered where the willies went. Today, of course, quite the opposite effect is cultivated. As luck would have it, minutes earlier […]

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Ken Just Got a New Look!

  Lots of new looks, in fact: new body types (“slim,” “broad,” and “original”), new skin tones, and nine hair styles (including the man bun). And those outfits! Take the three Ken Dolls pictured here: you’ve got your basic surfer dude, a construction worker, and a jock—kind of like the various “macho” roles in the […]

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Pride in Sri Lanka: Still an Act of Rebellion

  THE MOOD in the air is joyous, abuzz with anticipation and camaraderie. A small group has gathered at the red double-decker bus parked on the side of the road. They set to work decorating the old hulk with rainbow flags and garlands, each new arrival bringing his or her own contribution to the project. […]

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It’s a Trans World, After All!

2017 is being heralded by GLAAD as the breakthrough year for transgender representation in television and film. Despite a plethora of popular Western trans movies in recent decades, including the heart-wrenching movie Boys Don’t Cry and the cabaret extravaganza Priscilla Queen of the Desert, there is an array of outstanding foreign projects just waiting to be discovered. Here are […]

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Return to God of Vengeance, a Lesbian Drama of 1907

  Indecent A play by Paula Vogel Directed by Rebecca Taichman Cort Theatre, NYC   PAULA VOGEL, the Pulitzer-prize winning dramatist of How I Learned to Drive, has again collaborated with director Rebecca Taichman in Indecent. Taichman, who just won the 2017 Tony for best direction of a play, is billed as “co-creator” of Indecent, having […]

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Beach Rats

I think I saw nine feature films plus some shorts at this year’s Provincetown International Film Festival in June—and an excellent bunch of movies it was. This is not a gay-themed festival, but—this being P’town—a healthy proportion (a third?) of the films on offer had an LGBT-theme. I saw four films in that genre that […]

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