• The Fall of Valor

    Love’s Longings Lost

    The Fall of Valor, then, is very much a novel of its time. Because Charles Jackson has captured that time so exactly, it becomes a novel for our time as well.

  • Cumming

    Stardom in the Age of the Selfie

    As Alan Cumming tells it in his new book, You Gotta Get Bigger Dreams, “I was having trouble finding my feet ... of being myself, or a version of my self on stage.” 

  • Jeremy Irons as Charles Ryder and Anthony Andrews as 
Sebastian Flyte in the 1981 BBC adaptation of Brideshead Revisited.

    Waugh’s Life Reconsidered: Still Dismal

    Jeremy Irons as Charles Ryder and Anthony Andrews as Sebastian Flyte in the 1981 BBC adaptation of Brideshead Revisited.

  • Camille parody

    Camille of Fire Island

    The Cherry Grove Archives received several old canisters of film in 2015. One was labeled Camille, penned on a strip of dried cellophane tape. … The reels were sent off to a film editing studio to be digitized. Once returned and restored in high definition and full color, they revealed a drag parody of the movie Camille.

  • SodomUndGomorrha

    When the Movies Went to Sodom

    IF YOUR ACQUAINTANCE with Sodom and Gomorrah were limited to what you see in movies, your impression might differ only slightly from the story in Genesis 19. That’s because the biblical version is already as farfetched as the script of a Hollywood epic, and also because Hollywood and the Bible have a great deal in common, to wit: ...

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One More Time: How Great Was San Francisco in the 70s?

      Before leaving for San Francisco in the early 1970s, I had been involved in the Civil Rights struggles in the South and protested against a senseless war in Vietnam, and I was about to find out that gay men in San Francisco were changing the way America thought about sex. For me, […]

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Jonathan & Akron

  Jonathan Directed by Piotr J. Lewandowski U.S. Distribution by Wolfe Video   This isn’t the first movie to examine the family drama when it’s a parent who’s gay and the kid(s) who are straight, but it does so in a way that’s remarkably authentic and gritty—literally so, as it’s set on a dairy farm […]

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Looking for Same  

  Then there’s the ever-fascinating phenomenon of straight men having sex with one another. We all know it goes on—just check out Craigslist and notice the straight guys looking for “same.” That’s exactly what sociologist Tony Silva did, focusing on rural settings, and he tracked down a sample of nineteen country guys who fitted the […]

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“Hetero Supremacy”

  With the blood from the massacre in Orlando barely dry, let me strongly state that the word “homophobia” is wimpy, a misnomer, and needs to be retired. When it was introduced in 1969, the new word had a modicum of relevance. It quickly became the word to explain gay oppression, but no longer. Gay […]

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Cher Was There

  Police were stumped when house after house was getting robbed in a Portland, Oregon, neighborhood, and the burglar kept eluding capture. He would take the usual items of value—cash, electronics, jewelry—and managed to rob fifteen homes without slipping up. But then he was done in by… Cher. It seems the burglar, whose name is […]

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Too Good Is No Good

  Staying in the countryside, a French calendar boasting photos of sexy farmers caused a minor dust-up when a Huffington Post piece objected that the subjects were clearly not real “farmers” but rather studio models in overalls. In this age of fake news, it’s surprising that anyone would notice this conventional fib, but it prompted […]

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