• ‘I’ll Go Forth Alone’

    Janet Shea as Flora Goforth in The Milk Train Doesn’t Stop Here Anymore

  • Madboots and the Gay Experience

    MADBOOTS DANCE is a company founded and led by two dancer-choreographers, Jonathan Campbell and Austin Diaz, who are also life partners.

  • One Serious Lady

    A new Library of America edition of [Jane Bowles’] work, magnificently edited by Bowles scholar Millicent Dillon, does justice to this unique and neglected writer.

  • The Baroness of Body Art

    A COMPLICATED and somewhat mysterious figure in early 20th-century art, the Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven is often referred to as the “Mama of Dada.” She was a visionary performance artist whose influence can be seen in many genres related to performance and personal style today.

  • The Shock of the Nude

    Rudolf von Laban and his dancers, Ascona, 1914. Photo: Johann Adam Massenbach

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The Perils of Polyamory

Afterglow is based in part on S. Asher Gelman’s own experience with an extra-marital relationship, shows that he can write strong individual scenes for his actors that have the ring of truth.

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Friends and Fans on Marilyn Monroe’s Sexuality

    MARILYN MONROE made her movie debut seventy years ago, in the 1947 vehicle Dangerous Years, and her career took off from there—thanks in large part to her five-year relationship with acting coach Natasha Lytess. Monroe would bring Lytess on-set to approve her work—much to the chagrin of her male directors—and Lytess was responsible […]

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How Marriage Equality Made Me an American

  ON THE MORNING that my husband Joe and I got married, the sun shone warmly on our chilly necks, absorbing the bite of the low, steady breeze floating across the pond behind our condo. Two swans drifted on the surface of the water as we took our positions on the dock with Mary, the […]

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Falling in Lust

    I REMAIN HAUNTED by a remark a famous novelist made during her public talk at Sewanee University a few summers ago. She lamented, with much audible derision, that too many poets now write “lust poems,” as she called them, rather than “love poems.” The implication was that poems celebrating lust as opposed to […]

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The Making of Baseball’s First Female Pro

While I find it unsettling that in 2017 it remains a political act to share the truth about one’s sexual orientation, without shame, to either loved ones or total strangers. But it is and always has been the writer’s job of a writer to illuminate what is hidden. For doing just that in her memoir, Ila Jane Borders is to be applauded.

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Stuart Timmons and the West Hollywood Pride Tour

  STUART TIMMONS, who passed away on January 28th of this year at the age of sixty, was an award-winning journalist, activist, and historian who loved telling a great story and exposing the truth. He is best known for two books, The Trouble with Harry Hay, a biography of the cofounder of the Mattachine Society […]

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