• Evolutionary Origins of Homosexuality

    Figure 2: Sexual orientation of male study participants with a history of either moderate prenatal stress (left panel) or severe prenatal stress (right panel). Source: Dorner, G., et al. “Stressful Events in Prenatal Life of Bi- and Homosexual Men.” Experimental and Clinical Endocrinology, 1983 (81).

  • Eyewitness to the Alger Hiss Case

    ALGER HISS was on a very clear trajectory toward becoming our nation’s Secretary of State—after helping to found the United Nations—when, in 1948, he was repeatedly and publicly attacked, for reasons I now see as politically motivated, clearly false, possibly pathological, and definitely homophobic.

  • The Unreliable Tenderness of the World

    The irony that lies behind a fascinating new collection of Tennessee Williams's and James Laughlin's letters, The Luck of Friendship, is our knowledge that Williams wanted both commercial and literary success.

  • Freak Out!

    Studio 54 memorializes other things that glossier documentaries forget. Several pages preserve the architecture from initial construction through later redesigns, the cover art and liner notes for an LP mixed at the club, and the posters and invitations that were once the promotional staples of an era before e-mail and Twitter.

  • The Neo-Ridiculous Technique

    Charles Ludlam Lives! is an important addition to American queer theater studies, to go on my shelf beside Laurence Senelick’s The Changing Room (2000) and David Román’s Acts of Intervention (1998).

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Triptych of a Price Tag

Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud, considered the two most famous  British modern artists of their time, explains all the hullabaloo around the sale of the former’s “Three Studies of Lucian Freud”— a portrait of German-born British painter, Lucian Freud—that sold for $142 million at a Christie’s auction in NYC , surpassing the price tag for […]

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Amid the Recent Same-Sex Marriage Victories…

A White Elephant   What are we to make of a lifelong Republican strategist and opponent of marriage equality who does a complete 180 and decides, not only that he’s now pro-gay marriage, but that he plans to spearhead an effort to legalize same-sex marriage in Arizona and Florida? This would describe Tim Mooney, a Rick Perry […]

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Are You Up for a Little Gay History?

WHAT you are about to see is a five-minute video with Prof. Richard Berrong discussing a new art book called A Little Gay History: Desire and Diversity Across the World, which reproduces important works of art from the ancient world to the present day, both Western and non-Western. Author R. B. Parkinson provides a brief […]

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A Symbol Stands

A recent book has thrown a bucket of ice water onto an icon of GLBT rights. In The Book of Matt: Hidden Truths About the Murder of Matthew Shepard, author Steve Jimenez claims that Shepard’s murder wasn’t a hate crime at all but was instead motivated by a complicated relationship between the killers and the victim, […]

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They’re Back! The Gayest Anti-gay Group Ever!

How many erogenous zones can you find in play in this photo? A previous BTW reported on a movement in France devoted to resisting the legalization of same-sex marriage, now a fait accompli, and it quoted an article that asked, “Is this the most homoerotic anti-gay protest ever?” Well, they’re back!

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The Shame of Atlanta Pride

Since coming out in the 1980s, I’ve partied at Pride functions in big and small towns across America. In the conservative South, you sometimes have to walk past uninvited guests: protestors. I never imagined I’d be among them. Regretfully, at Atlanta Pride’s October 11th gay bash at the Georgia Aquarium, I will be chanting, not cheering.

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