• Inside West Side Story

    Left to Right: Stephen Sondheim, Arthur Laurents, Harold Prince, Robert Griffith, Leonard Bernstein, and Jerome Robbins on the WSS set.

  • Picturing ‘The German Vice’

    A scathing allusion to moltke can be found on another French propaganda card from World War i. this card, mailed in 1914, depicts a French soldier with his bayonet penetrating the rear of a German soldier, who is throwing up his arms in pain.

  • He Made It Cosmic to Be ‘Different’

    In Forever Stardust Will Brooker gets into a thoughtful and pleasing analysis of Bowie’s substantive style … Indeed, it is a comprehensive addition to the field that has come to be known as Bowieology.

  • More Transitions in Store

    As this second memoir opens, Mock is a late teenager who has fully transitioned to female, and she has just been hired illegally at a Waikiki strip club.

  • Steve Grand Is Not a Country Singer

    STEVE GRAND is a singer and musician who plays the piano and the guitar and writes much of his own music. This interview was conducted while Steve was performing in Provincetown, MA.

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“The Revenge of Chelsea Manning”

Earlier I blogged about the brouhaha in San Francisco following the selection of Bradley—now Chelsea—Manning to be grand marshal in the annual Pride Parade (June 12, 2013). In a dramatic series of events, the CEO of the San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration Committee, Earl Plante, has resigned under pressure from his board of directors after […]

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California Split: What Became of Chris

AFTER A SILENCE of more than twenty years, I got a phone call from an old friend of mine, living in San Francisco. Now dying in San Francisco. Upon announcing that fact in the voice mail, he said, “And that’s the news from out West.”          Chris and I had met during my senior year […]

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GLR Editor Discusses Magazine’s History as a Boston Institution

  The following talk was delivered at the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association conference, which is in Boston this year, August 22 to 25. As editor and founder of The Gay & Lesbian Review, I tried to place the magazine in the context of Boston’s history as a hotbed of GLBT publishing starting in the […]

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Is the Anti-Equality Crowd Resorting to Dirty Tricks?

WHAT are we to make of an erstwhile Republican strategist and vocal opponent of marriage equality who does a complete 180 and decides that not only is he now pro-gay marriage, but he wants to spearhead an effort to legalize same-sex marriage in Arizona and Florida? That would describe Tim Mooney, who left his Republican […]

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After DOMA: The Constitutional Case for Full Marriage Equality

IN THE NOW largely forgotten 1950 case Sweatt v. Painter, the Supreme Court struck down a scheme that the state of Texas had concocted to continue to keep black applicants out of the University of Texas-Austin law school despite their merits—by creating a separate law school just for black applicants. The case got lost in […]

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Gay poet: breaking taboo subjects can be revelatory

Via G(&)LIT: “It’s naughty, I know, to talk about the ass,” writes gay poet Angelo Nikolopoulos, “but why should the lowly—the seemingly base—be exempt from our attention, when they provide such coordinates for discovery, when they offer enchantment?” He goes on to write, “Yeats says that love has pitched his mansion in the place of […]

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