• ‘I’ll Go Forth Alone’

    Janet Shea as Flora Goforth in The Milk Train Doesn’t Stop Here Anymore

  • Madboots and the Gay Experience

    MADBOOTS DANCE is a company founded and led by two dancer-choreographers, Jonathan Campbell and Austin Diaz, who are also life partners.

  • One Serious Lady

    A new Library of America edition of [Jane Bowles’] work, magnificently edited by Bowles scholar Millicent Dillon, does justice to this unique and neglected writer.

  • The Baroness of Body Art

    A COMPLICATED and somewhat mysterious figure in early 20th-century art, the Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven is often referred to as the “Mama of Dada.” She was a visionary performance artist whose influence can be seen in many genres related to performance and personal style today.

  • The Shock of the Nude

    Rudolf von Laban and his dancers, Ascona, 1914. Photo: Johann Adam Massenbach

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Fire Island: Two New Books Celebrate the Fragile Gay Mecca

The New York Times published today an article about Fire Island that coincides with the 60th anniversary of the founding of The Pines, and mentions two newly published books about its history. One of the books, titled Fire Island Pines, Polaroids 1973-1983, is by GLR friend and contributor Tom Bianchi, whose photographs of beautiful men in beautiful settings have […]

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Find the Gay Swimmer

Which is more improbable, that a tiny island nation of 100,000 is able to field an Olympic swim team, or that one its members is openly gay, fully accepted by his teammates, and an activist for GLBT equality? One-named, New-Zealand-born Fonua represented the South Pacific archipelago of Tonga in the 100-meter breaststroke competition at the […]

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Cuba’s Gay Community Stands Up Against Homophobia & Transphobia

HAVANA — A week of drag shows, colorful marches and social and cultural events in Havana culminates Friday with celebrations of the International Day Against Homophobia.

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Exhibit A

Being gay can be grounds for gaining asylum in tolerant countries if you come from, say, Iran, Uganda, or Cameroon, where gays are persecuted. This avenue of escape has caused authorities in some quarters to suspect that people are falsely claiming to be gay. As reported in an earlier BTW, some countries, such as the […]

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Taboo Tattoos

And why leave Russia when another tale of cluelessness awaits? The Russian military has announced that new recruits will now have their tattoos inspected because the Kremlin believes that they can reveal signs of homosexuality. According to the Defense Ministry’s central administration, soldiers will be given a thorough physical exam to look for tattoos in […]

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Real Men Don’t Ban Wrestling

In keeping with the theme of gays as scapegoats, but moving deeper into Bizarro World, the head coach of Russia’s powerhouse Olympic Greco-Roman wrestling team, Vladimir Uruimagov, has blamed gay people for the Olympic Committee’s recent decision to drop his sport from the Summer Games. Seriously, Mr. Uruimagov attributes this sad development to the power […]

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