• Alex Lahey, a Balladeer from Down Under

    Alex Lahey (born “Alexandria”) has eclectic tastes. She grew up listening to the Ramones, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and even Dolly Parton. Surely this is part of her appeal, which transcends social groups.

  • Kenya Betrays Its Promise to LGBT People

    Despite these guarantees, such rights and freedoms are not enjoyed by many in Kenya’s LGBT community, whose members continue to struggle for recognition and inclusion. Even though there has been a proliferation of gay groups and organizations since the mid-2000s to promote awareness, education, and tolerance, LGBT people in Kenya face deep-rooted intolerance.

  • ‘Violence is a very complex thing.’

    Philip Gambone talks with Édouard Louis, the author of The End of Eddy.

  • Mme Yourcenar in Maine

    When two lives are as intimately entwined as those of Marguerite Yourcenar and Grace Frick, there comes a point at which the disparagement of the one yields a distorted portrayal of the other.

  • Guess Who Hosted Voltaire in Paris

    Claude Manceron’s interest in Villette, fils, arose from the historical fact that, as a friend of Voltaire, the Marquis de Villette became the philosopher’s host in Paris when the old man decided in February of 1778 that it was safe to return home.

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They’re Back! The Gayest Anti-gay Group Ever!

How many erogenous zones can you find in play in this photo? A previous BTW reported on a movement in France devoted to resisting the legalization of same-sex marriage, now a fait accompli, and it quoted an article that asked, “Is this the most homoerotic anti-gay protest ever?” Well, they’re back!

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The Shame of Atlanta Pride

Since coming out in the 1980s, I’ve partied at Pride functions in big and small towns across America. In the conservative South, you sometimes have to walk past uninvited guests: protestors. I never imagined I’d be among them. Regretfully, at Atlanta Pride’s October 11th gay bash at the Georgia Aquarium, I will be chanting, not cheering.

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Russian Crackdown Puts Straight Orgs on the Spot

The international outrage over the new Russian law prohibiting “propaganda on non-traditional sexual relationships”—and the call for a boycott on Russian products—has spilled over into some cultural institutions in the U.S. and elsewhere.”

In New York, the Metropolitan Opera’s gala opening on September 23 was a Russian-themed affair, and

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BTW – Ghosts of Broadcasts Past

Dickens was intrigued by the ways in which the past is never past but continues to haunt our dreams and waking hours. Scrooge’s penalty late in life was the apparition of ghosts of the people that he’d wronged over the years, who recited these injustices.       Today, another hoary dotard, Fox News CEO Roger […]

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“The Revenge of Chelsea Manning”

Earlier I blogged about the brouhaha in San Francisco following the selection of Bradley—now Chelsea—Manning to be grand marshal in the annual Pride Parade (June 12, 2013). In a dramatic series of events, the CEO of the San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration Committee, Earl Plante, has resigned under pressure from his board of directors after […]

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California Split: What Became of Chris

AFTER A SILENCE of more than twenty years, I got a phone call from an old friend of mine, living in San Francisco. Now dying in San Francisco. Upon announcing that fact in the voice mail, he said, “And that’s the news from out West.”          Chris and I had met during my senior year […]

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