• Alex Lahey, a Balladeer from Down Under

    Alex Lahey (born “Alexandria”) has eclectic tastes. She grew up listening to the Ramones, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and even Dolly Parton. Surely this is part of her appeal, which transcends social groups.

  • Kenya Betrays Its Promise to LGBT People

    Despite these guarantees, such rights and freedoms are not enjoyed by many in Kenya’s LGBT community, whose members continue to struggle for recognition and inclusion. Even though there has been a proliferation of gay groups and organizations since the mid-2000s to promote awareness, education, and tolerance, LGBT people in Kenya face deep-rooted intolerance.

  • ‘Violence is a very complex thing.’

    Philip Gambone talks with Édouard Louis, the author of The End of Eddy.

  • Mme Yourcenar in Maine

    When two lives are as intimately entwined as those of Marguerite Yourcenar and Grace Frick, there comes a point at which the disparagement of the one yields a distorted portrayal of the other.

  • Guess Who Hosted Voltaire in Paris

    Claude Manceron’s interest in Villette, fils, arose from the historical fact that, as a friend of Voltaire, the Marquis de Villette became the philosopher’s host in Paris when the old man decided in February of 1778 that it was safe to return home.

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How Poet Frank O’Hara Taught Us to Be Gay

Recently G(&)LIT (the new gay literary tumblr for The GLR) was excited to get a review copy of Poems Retrieved: Frank O’Hara. So, this article, which nominates O’Hara as one of the foundational writers who teach us what “gay” might mean, was of much interest. Writes the article’s author: “O’Hara’s queerness has always been there to see but […]

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From Salomé to Kinky Sex

In this video, frequent GLR contributor Richard M. Berrong  discusses the catalog of a recent art exhibit centered around a single painting, Gustave Moreau’s  Salomé Dancing Before Herod. Joris-Karl Huysmans re-interpreted it as a work of kinky eroticism in his classic French decadent novel, Against Nature. Oscar Wilde then introduced that novel to England in […]

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Windsor Decision Sets Precedent on Anti-Gay Animus

U.S. v. Windsor recognized a proposition with potentially far-reaching effects: the idea that bans on same-sex marriage, which exist in most states, embody constitutionally impermissible prejudice against gays and lesbians. The Supreme Court’s decision is, to be precise, directed at Congress: the Defense of Marriage Act or DOMA—that pre-emptive 1996 law that denied federal benefits […]

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Ding Dong, The Witch Is Dead!

No pulling of punches on this one: Exodus International has just announced that the group is closing its doors forever, and we rejoice. For years E.I.’s mission has been to hound and humiliate gay and lesbian people by claiming that they could be “cured” of their sexual orientation, and they’ve inflicted snake-oil “treatments” on thousands […]

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The Confession of Francis I

It’s official: the “gay lobby” in the Vatican that we’ve always heard about, speculated about, suspected to exist, really does exist! The newly seated pope, Francis I, actually used this phrase when discussing his plan to clean up the Holy See, which he sees (quite rightly, one supposes) as wallowing in scandal and corruption. Many […]

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Bradley Manning, Pride Parade Grand Marshal—Not!

The new issue of the GLR, which should reach subscribers soon, includes a “Guest Opinion” piece by James Patterson concerning the ongoing debate in San Francisco about the status of Bradley Manning as a “grand marshal” in this year’s Pride parade. The parade’s organizing committee had initially made this selection in absentia—Manning is currently in […]

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