• Keeping Art Alive in These Times

    IN HIS ROLE as executive director of the College Art Association, Hunter O’Hanian is in a unique position to understand how government policy and funding affect the arts in higher education. Other positions he has held in arts management have given him a broad overview of the art world from both a creative and an institutional perspective.

  • A Year in La DolceVita Rome

    EDMUND WHITE lived in Rome for most of 1970. It was his first time living abroad—Paris would come much later—and while his “Roman holiday” lasted less than a year, he included various episodes from his Italian stay in a number of his writings.

  • Two Forces of Nature on a Collision Course

    Many more albums would follow over the ensuing fifteen years, featuring numerous songs that are now standards by Freddie Mercury, notably “Somebody to Love” (1976, the source of this book’s title).

  • Whatever Possessed Them to Make Baby Jane?

    THE TITLE of this eight-part series that aired on FX refers to the famous feud between those titans of Tinseltown who costarred in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.

  • Camp Art in the Age of Modernism

    MAKE NO MISTAKE: in the first major U.S. exhibition in over twenty years devoted to this artist, we are treated to just how radical Florine Stettheimer’s paintings were.

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Lose the “Homosexual”

Right-wing newspapers and talk show hosts insist on using the word “homosexual” rather than “gay”—and with good reason, if their goal is to subtly denigrate GLBT people. A new survey showed that the “homo” word carries a much more negative connotation than does the word “gay,” particularly with Democrats. The New York Times/CBS News poll […]

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And Here’s To You

“And Here’s To You…” Meet Iris Robinson, a Member of Parliament in Northern Ireland who’s involved in a nasty financial scandal. But first, to appreciate the relevance of this faraway kickback case, consider the following brief exchange between Robinson and a radio interviewer: “Stephen Nolan: Do you think that homosexuality is something that is shamefully […]

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Exhibit A

Okay, famous people shouldn’t be held responsible for the misdeeds of their adult progeny. But what if the parent in question has built his entire career out of thumping this connection between fathers and sons, promoting an agenda of prudery and homophobia—calling it “family values”—on the theory that “the children” must be protected by an […]

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A brief but intense kafuffle erupted last week over a campaign contribution received by Senator McCain from one of his supporters, culminating in the refund of the $2,300 donation to the contributor. What could cause the campaign to part with precious monies at this crucial time in the fund-raising season? It seems the donor, Jonathan […]

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The Hunt for Anal Vectors

A largescale study conducted in two parts of the world has revealed that roughly one in four heterosexual men have anal human papillomavirus (HPV) infection. The condition is traditionally associated with women, who undergo the familiar “pap smear” to detect its presence, while the incidence in men was assumed to be much lower. Until recently, […]

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